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Let's Learn about Ecology

LET’S LEARN ABOUT ECOLOGY is a six-chapter introduction to ecology with approximately 600 words per chapter (a work-in-progress). I believe our children need to gain a respect for nature and an understanding of how all things can work together to create a safe and healthy planet. I created this book with a passion to inspire children to touch and feel the earth whether in the city, the suburbs, or wilderness, to experience the magic of nature so they will grow up with that awe and wonder embedded in their hearts.

Throughout there are illustrations and symbols that help to engage the reader with the text. Complex ecological principles are explained in an engaging way, and are accompanied by activities.

The chapters are as follows: 1) Introduction to Ecology, 2) Exploring, 3) Plants, Animals, and Non-Living Things, 4) Senses: Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth and Hands, 5) Change, and 6) All Things Work Together. The chapters contain definitions, descriptions, and activities to learn first-hand about ecology.


A sample spread is below.