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Nature for Kids Sparks Inspiration!

The magic of nature can inspire children to help heal the earth when they grow-up and save our planet.


Sept. 20, 2022—An award-winning environmental author/illustrator unveils nature-themed designs for children. Dr. Carole Rollins created these bright and whimsical designs celebrating nature—plants, animals, and people.  


In her recent book Sacred Nature: How We Can Recover Our Bond with the Natural World, Karen Armstrong reminds us that 'recycling and political protests are not enough.' We need a new bond with nature. Through her nature-themed designs, Dr. Carole Rollins strives to inspire children to forge that bond, fostering a generation that cherishes and protects our natural world.


Carole is so happy to share her nature-themed designs with you, your family, and your friends. She created these designs to motivate children to go outside and touch and feel the earth, to feel the magic of Mother Nature, and to grow up with this awe and wonder embedded in their hearts, inspiring them to heal the earth and save our planet.


Dr. Carole Rollins has been recognized and honored for her exceptional contributions to environmental education. She has received awards from the State of California Outdoor Education Program, The National Endowment for the Arts, The National Wildlife Federation, The Audubon Society, The White House for a Millennium Green Award, and The University of California at Berkeley. She holds an MA and a PhD in Environmental Education and Science, and her expertise is evident in her writing from her home in northern California, where she and her husband live amidst the beauty of the redwoods and the wonders of nature. They are dedicated to promoting peace, harmony, and dignity amongst all living things.

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