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Spirit Friends: Our Dream for the Future

SPIRIT FRIENDS: OUR DREAM FOR THE FUTURE is a 742-word illustrated children’s book that celebrates a respect for nature and an understanding of how all things can work together to create a safe and healthy planet. I created this book with a passion for inspiring children to touch and feel the earth—whether in the city, the suburbs, or the wilderness—to experience the magic of nature so they will grow up with that awe and wonder embedded in their hearts.

In the story, a little girl, a frog, a worm, and a butterfly understand that all plants, animals, and people live together on planet earth, coexisting together and are all a part of nature. They know they are different from each other—what they eat, where they live, and what they do—yet they are friends. In this charming and heartwarming journey about togetherness, they seek to find out how others accept people, plants, and animals that are different from themselves.  So, they visit their families and see many different ways of living—in treehouses, underground homes, old-fashioned homes, flower castles, and lily pad lean-tos. They see how they are all getting along, working together and taking care of each other, even though they are all different. They discover they each have a spirit inside of them and are connected to all people, plants, and animals. They are all Spirit Friends and a part of nature helping each other live together on earth in peace and harmony.

Throughout there are illustrations and symbols that help to engage the reader with the text. A sample spread is below.